Slice Homemade Bread Quickly and Evenly

The taste of fresh homemade bread is far superior to anything that can be purchased in a grocery or department store. Slicing loaves with precision can be difficult. Sometimes slices are not even, not thin enough for sandwiches, or not thick enough for French toast. The taste of the meat, cheese, and condiments in a sandwich are sometimes lost if the bread is too thick. Uneven slices for French toast effects the texture of the dish.

Fruit and Nut Breads

These homemade breads are a great treat and often served to family, friends, and guests over coffee. The presentation of the bread slices on the platter makes a substantial difference in the impression made. Perfect slices add to the elegance of the treat. This is especially true during holidays. Grandma’s special cranberry nut bread at the end of the year looks as excellent as it tastes when a homemade bread slicer is used.

Selecting a Slicer

When it comes to Homemade Bread Slicers, high-quality equals cost-effectiveness. Purchasing a cheap bread slicer will not save money because it will have to be replaced often. Flimsy and poorly constructed slicers will not last long. Home bakers will save money if they buy a high-quality slicer that has a lifetime guarantee. It will be the last slicer needed.

One example, Bread Pal, has been made in America since 1994 of hardwood and a dense polymer cutting surface. This slicer folds after use for easy storage and can be used for store-bought artisan and homemade breads up to six and a half inches wide. Purchasing directly from the manufacturer lowers the pricing.

Compare Slicers

There are a multitude of slicers available online and in stores so comparison is essential. Check out the materials used and any warranties or guarantees offered from the manufacturer. If a product is high-quality, the manufacturer will stand behind it with a warranty. If there is no warranty, it is likely the slicer will not last a long time. When buying online, be aware of shipping costs because these can differ by a large margin.

Look for available accessories that either come with the product, or can be ordered separately. A well-designed product will have accessories and replacement parts. The cutting surface may get worn out over the years so having a replacement surface available to customers is most helpful. A bread knife may be part of a gift combination package. Bread bags and special clips are a great addition to a slicer.

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